The Rundown: June 2019

BOCC 6/25/19

  • A proposed open pit sand mine on Rester Dr. was denied approval due to concerns regarding the quality and width of the road, the lack of sidewalks and lighting in the area so close to three schools, and the proximity to neighbors who would be forced to deal with noise, traffic, and pollution.
  • Blaise Ingoglia, Hernando County’s primary state representative, presented a legislative update to the commission regarding new laws passed by the state. He delivered the unfortunate news that a significant amount of education funding for Hernando county was denied.
  • Doug Chorvat, Clerk of the Circuit Court, presented the news that Hernando County’s AAA- credit rating has been downgraded to AA+. The county will not be able to regain its status with short term solutions. They will have to show significant and long term plans to balance the budget and build reserves in order to make gains.

The HCPC applauds the neighbors of Hernando County who came together and said no to environmental degradation within their community. If we unite, we can win. As the county commissioners salivate over imposing austerity measures, our community must work together if we do not want to see our public services rolled back and taxpayer-owned facilities shuttered. The budgetary failures of county commissioners — past and present — are being paid by the residents of Hernando.

This meeting’s most absurd comment goes to Commissioner Holcomb and his view that poorer folks don’t pay their fair share.

“We have tens of thousands of homes that pay nothing [in property taxes] for various reasons, most of it is because of the price of their homes. Are they using the sheriff less? Are they using other services less?” — Commissioner Holcomb

BOCC 6/11/19

  • Julie Maglio of the Hernando Sun spoke on the designation of Hernando County as a “news desert.” The Sun is always looking for partnerships to maintain a community newspaper.
  • Clear Stream Broadband is facing mild community pushback in River Country with regards to constructing a tower. Clear Stream is a smaller company’s attempt to offer an alternative to the monopoly that is Spectrum.
  • Steve Champion has proposed the county explore federal funding for the construction of a public shooting range. The commission expressed their interest in such an establishment as a means of earning tourism dollars.

In a county with essentially no local media, forced to pay exorbitant Internet prices, and being offered fun-with-guns as a means of revenue, we must ask ourselves if this is the community we all envisioned. Is this the neighborhood we wanted, or can we do better? We need a progressive voice to help bolster local print media; we need municipal broadband to lower all of our bills; we need a Green New Deal with a federal jobs guarantee to support our parks and ecotourism.

This meeting’s winner of the most absurd statement goes to Commissioner Allocco and his comments on “gun control.”

john allocco is the winner
“The restriction of opportunity to practice firearms is gun control, incognito.” — Commissioner Allocco