Letter to the Editor: Propaganda Gone Wild


After years of silence, Blaise Ingoglia’s “Government Gone Wild” has reared its head to spew more of its trademark demagoguery. Over an Orwellian three minutes of hate, the District 35 representative spreads racist propaganda which should both alarm and embarrass all of his constituents.

Mr. Ingoglia claims that “since 1986 we’ve accumulated at least another 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States.” In reality, there was an all-time high of 12.2 million unauthorized immigrants, which had by 2016 dropped to 10.7 million (just over 3% of the national population). Without evidence, Rep. Ingoglia claims that 5 million U.S.-born children have parents who are unauthorized immigrants. Perhaps he refers to The Migration Policy Institute’s estimate that the number of children living with unauthorized immigrant parents is 5.1 million – only 4.1 million of whom are actually U.S. citizens. Contrary to Mr. Ingoglia’s assertion that “millions more have already started to vote”, citizens within this population skew heavily towards toddlers and young children.

Mr. Ingoglia goes on to complain, “children of illegal immigrants that are born in the US are legal citizens and they get to cast legal votes when they are 18.” This rhetoric mirrors the condemnable Sen. Dennis Baxley’s complaint that “our” (read: white people’s) society will be “replaced”. Mr. Ingoglia is crying foul that native-born citizens of the United States have the right to vote – simply because their parents are persons of color.

As human beings languish and die in iceboxes and cages; as children cannot be located after families have been separated and some face the threat of international adoption; as children are locked in vans for hours and transgender migrants are put in solitary confinement; as right-wing vigilantes hold migrants hostage at the border; all Rep. Ingoglia deigns to ask is, “what’s the true cost of illegal immigration?” In true demagogue fashion, he gives his own question a dire answer: “our very own republic.” Like many of his colleagues in the Florida Legislature, Mr. Ingoglia has chosen to double down on fear-mongering and xenophobia. As his constituents, we encourage Mr. Ingoglia to apologize, and to make an effort to better understand the plight of those he seeks to demonize.

Hernando County Progressive Caucus