Hernando Progressives Condemn ICE Raids



Brooksville, FL — President Trump is no leader. The President’s announcements of mass deportations followed swiftly by delays and postponements are threats. These threats are made to both intimidate immigrants and stoke fear and resentment in the conservative base. As the war drums pound in the background, President Trump is using the same tactics against Iran. The Trump administration’s techniques of fear and intimidation are as inhumane as the terrorizing effects are abhorrent. 

The Hernando County Progressive Caucus condemns ICE raids, both as political theater as well as trauma-inducing scare tactics. We support families who may not be legal residents of Florida but who nevertheless pay taxes, contribute their labor, and strengthen our communities. All the while, Governor Desantis plays to his and Trump’s base by banning nonexistent sanctuary cities, and Hernando County Sheriff Al Neinhuis has allowed his department to become an extension of ICE. We feel compelled to speak out to let folks know that many of their neighbors stand with them and their families. 

If you or someone you know is affected and in need of assistance, visit the Florida Immigrant Coalition for more information.