Public Policy Committee

The Rundown is a project of the HCPC’s Public Policy Committee. We distill down hours of county commission meetings into a few key points interpreted through a progressive lens. Each meeting, one commissioner is recognized for the “most absurd” remark.

The Public Policy Committee identifies and monitors legislation and other developments in local governing bodies to help determine the chapter’s priorities. The committee watches pending legislation and other developments before the Florida Legislature, makes recommendations for actions to be taken, and, when requested, researches and drafts reports on issues relevant to the chapter’s efforts.

In an effort to help residents of Hernando County better monitor their state representatives, the Public Policy Committee maintains a local legislative matrix.


  • Identify and monitor legislation on key policy issues affecting Hernando County
  • Compile relevant and timely policy information for dissemination to the HCPC membership and Hernando County community

Meeting & Contact Information

The Public Policy Committee is issue-focused and hosts monthly meetings online and in-person. For more information on joining please contact the Public Policy Chair: Sue Foster.