Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee coordinates the recruitment of new members via the organization of membership campaigns and ensures that the chapter membership is representative of the residents of Hernando County. The committee advises our board of directors to ensure all messaging and communications are culturally sensitive and inclusive, and that the chapter provides a welcoming and open atmosphere for all individuals. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee heads the HCPC’s Tuesday Talks.


  • Conduct listening sessions and community assessments to better understand the attitudes and perspectives of community members on issues
  • Co-host intersectional events (i.e. train the trainer, lunch-n-learns) on issues impacting the residents of Hernando County and beyond (i.e. race, poverty, and public policy)
  • Offer educational opportunities, trainings, and resources (e.g., books clubs, movie screenings) on diversity and inclusion topics to strengthen bonds within the voter community
  • Promote and uplift community events supporting the aforementioned values

Contact Information:

Meetings for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee are currently on an as needed basis. If you or an organization you represent would like to work with the HCPC, please contact the president.