HCPC Committees

The Hernando County Progressive Caucus (HCPC) has four committees that accomplish the work of the caucus. Each committee varies in size and has its own meeting schedule. The chair of each committee is a board member of the HCPC, and all committee work must be approved by the HCPC’s board of directors. Committees are open to all members and volunteers of the HCPC. If you have questions about any of our committees, please contact the appropriate chair, who is listed at the bottom of each committee page.

communications committee logo

The Communications Committee promotes caucus activities via print and digital media, develops content for regular internal and public communications, and disseminates information and advocacy materials for the chapter’s priorities to the press.

diversity and inclusion committee logo

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee coordinates the recruitment of new members via the organization of membership campaigns and ensures that the chapter membership is representative of the residents of Hernando County. The committee advises our board of directors to ensure all messaging and communications are culturally sensitive and inclusive.

finance committee logo

The Finance Committee coordinates Special Events and fundraising efforts, maintains donor contact and relationships, and ensures compliance with state/local laws and regulations pertaining thereto.

public policy committee logo

The Public Policy Committee identifies and monitors legislation and other developments in local governing bodies to help determine the chapter’s priorities. The committee watches pending legislation and other developments before the Florida Legislature, and, when requested, researches and drafts reports on issues relevant to the chapter’s efforts.